Happy Reviews from Bear Creek Stables Clients

What is the best way to learn about a business and whether you should patronize it? Talk to that business’ customers. These clients will always be able to give testimonials and the inside track on how well a business performs, treats its customers and delivers on business promises. Here at Bear Creek Stables, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding horseback riding lessons as well as helping families find a new activity to bond over. Here are just some of the great things clients have said about us in their testimonials.

It’s a Very Special Place…

We are proud of our eight year long relationship with Bear Creek Stables. We love the quiet and unhurried pace of the stable that seems to relax all the horses and works just like a healing tonic. And since we rescue thoroughbreds right off the track this is a very good thing! The proximity to trail riding on the beautiful open space lands is a real gift. This stable has been in existence since the 1920’s and should be made a historical landmark. It’s a very special place.

– Karin Wagner, Executive Director, Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc.

I Feel So Grateful…

I’ve been a border at Bear Creek Stables for over 20 years. It’s a refuge and sanctuary for not only myself but also my horses. I feel so grateful to have a place that I can feel the peace of being outdoors with my horses and yet so close to home. Pam Ashford replaced Glenda Smith as manager a couple of years ago. What a relief, that after Glenda left, her replacement is as responsive, caring and compassionate as she was. Pam continues the family atmosphere that Glenda nurtured.

My piece of heaven is being at Bear Creek stables. There is no pressure to have a show horse, our horses are what we want them to be, in my case just happy trail horses. There are several things that make Bear Creek Stables special, one is that I know there’s always somebody looking out for my horses when I’m not there. Not only are they cared for in the day but also there is an on site manager who monitors them at night.

Bear Creek Stables is a charming, super well-run facility, the horses paddocks are all cleaned out regularly and Pam is extremely helpful in accommodating special needs. One of my horses is on a special diet, Pam and her crew are very careful to help customizing the feeding to this horses needs. This is very much appreciated. Pam is very reliable, approachable and helpful. Her husband Gary is also extremely personable and skilled at fixing things and helping out.

Without a doubt, I feel so fortunate to have Bear Creek Stables as part of my life. Living in the high tech capital of the world it’s reassuring to know that low tech with a trustworthy, personal touch still exists.

– Helen Midgard, long time boarder and loving owner of Abbey and Villam.

Emma Adores Going Up to Bear Creek…

Emma started riding lessons with Pam Ashford over a year ago (2015). When Emma started she had confidence issues due to a prior instructor, that melted away under Pam’s kind, positive teaching style.
Within a couple of lessons she had Emma jumping with a huge smile on her face again. She believes in her students and that alone gives them confidence. It’s a huge thing for a teenager!

Emma adores going up to Bear Creek and “playing” with the horses, whether it be riding on the trail system, grooming a mud monster of a horse, or giving them a bath. You really don’t find many places that allow ground work with horses any more so that just adds to the amazing lesson program that Pam puts on.

Neither Emma nor I hesitate to give Pam’s name if asked where she rides at. I would recommend Pam to anyone!

– Melissa Dooley

Thanks to the Magical Crystal Matthews…

I’m delighted to have our 4 year old completely comfortable and confident on horseback. He even cantered this week. All thanks to the magical Crystal Matthews.

– Stuart Dicker

We Love Crystal!

We Love Crystal! Technical knowledge is A+. Patience is A+. Ability to explain to kids effectively A+. Crystal is always kind, always smiling, consistent and most importantly, my son loves her. We trust her completely.

– Stephanie dicker

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Located in the Los Gatos hills, Bear Creek Stables provides a family-friendly environment for boarding your horse. A working stable since the 1930s, Bear Creek offers paddocks and pasture facilities. We have one large arena, a smaller arena, a round pen, and extensive trails.

Situated in the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, Bear Creek Stables gives riders access to miles of scenic trails through oak and redwood forests.