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At Bear Creek Stables, there are lessons for every style of riding at almost any age. We provide healthy and wholesome fun for kids and the entire family while exploring the beauty of the wild outdoors.

We believe in creating a healthy, safe, and wholesome environment for people of all ages to feel confident riding. Our experienced and friendly staff offer horseback riding lessons and summer camp opportunities for all levels of riders. From someone who has never touched a horse before to advanced riders looking to brush up on jumping, we have the horses, instructors, and facilities to meet your needs.

Below you will find a list of the services we offer when it comes to horseback riding.

A brown horse with a blonde mane staring at the camera from a stall.
Horses Lessons in Los gatos

Horse Care & Riding Lessons for People of All Ages

At Bear Creek Stables, we offer private and semi-private lessons daily to people of all ages. These lessons are taught by a certified and experienced horseback riding instructor. If you are a beginner, we take the time to teach you the basics, including grooming and saddling your four-legged friend, so you can feel confident and build a quality relationship with your horse. You are welcome to either use our trusted lesson horses or lease a horse for one or more days per week.

Our lessons typically take place in our beautiful large arena, which is surrounded by horses, hundred-year-old oak trees, and the picturesque mountains. We also understand that it can be fun to get away from the stables on occasion, so we also go to local horse shows and events as well as the beach!

Horse Camps in Los gatos

Join a horse riding camp at our beautiful & historic stables

Bear Creek Stables provides horse riding camps throughout the year, including summer break, spring break, Thanksgiving break, and winter break. Offered for children between 8 – 14 years old, these day camps are designed to build confidence in riding, create positive interactions with horses, and enjoy fun, games, and our beautiful natural environment.

Our facility is nestled between shady groves with creeks flowing along the trails and tons of opportunities to see wildlife that resides in the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve. In addition to housing over 70 horses, plenty of chickens, goats, and cats call Bear Creek Stables home as well for a true nature-lover’s retreat.

Our highly trained, friendly, and experienced staff takes pride in our varied programming, which can include:

  • Grooming & saddling a horse
  • Riding
  • Learning basic horse anatomy
  • Arts and crafts
  • Nature hikes
  • And more!

Reach out to our team to learn about dates and availability.

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Reviews about Our Horse Lessons and Camps

Highly recommend

“I’m delighted to have our 4 year old completely comfortable and confident on horseback. He even cantered this week.”

Stuart Dicker

All the time I spent there, I was smiling.

“Great, the owner was nice to me, I enjoyed the horse I was riding (Rafiki) and we started a friendship, I could feel improvement every time I went and it was super fun. Although I wish we could ride the horses more, we got to have fun and chill around the horses. All the time I spent there, I was smiling. Next time I go, I hope I get to see Rafiki again.”

Brandon K.

Emma Adores Going Up to Bear Creek

When Emma started she had confidence issues that melted away under Pam Ashford’s kind, positive teaching style. Within a couple of lessons, she had Emma jumping with a huge smile on her face again. Pam believes in her students and that alone gives them confidence. It’s a huge thing for a teenager!

Melissa Dooley

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Horse Riding Camps

Our horse camps teach basic horse care and include riding lessons, interactions with horses, and fun and games. We also offer horseback riding lessons throughout the year.

About Pam Ashford

Pam Ashford has been managing Bear Creek Stables since 2016. Pam is an experienced horsewoman with over 30 years of experience with horses.

Pam runs a whole-horse riding program at the Stables. Her philosophy is that you “can’t learn to ride a horse from from the back of the horse. Riders must learn to know who the horse is.” Pam, along with her team of experience horse riding instructors, takes great pride is starting out riders on the right foot.

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