Horse Boarding

Boarding at Bear Creek Stables includes:

  • Horse board – spacious paddocks with run-in shelters
  • One large lit outdoor arena
  • One smaller arena with sand footing
  • Two round pens with sand footing
  • 3 wash racks
  • Picnic area with public restroom
  • Tack room for storage of boarders equipment
  • Access to Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve trails

Our ranch has wide-open spaces that ensure the optimum learning and teaching environment. There is proper room for learning gallop, canter and even jumps. What you learn and how quickly you progress will depend on your skill level, experience and how far you wish to take your training. The grounds on our ranch will not limit your options for advancement. Meet our trainers and our horsesand be prepared to have a fun and adventurous time riding with us.

A welsh pony looking at the camera with her head between the bars of a metal gate.

Why Board with Us?

Bear Creek Stables offers spacious paddocks with horse shelters and access to the Bear Creek Preserve trail network.

Access to trails


Horse grooming stations, wash stations, one large and one small arena, and a turnout pen.

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