Fremont Horse Riding Lessons

Fremont Horse Riding Lessons

Fremont Horse Riding LessonFremont horse riding lessons taught at Bear Creek Stables are taught by a certified horseback riding instructor who has taken lessons from Olympic and world class riders. Crystal is a gifted instructor, who cares deeply about all of her students and the horses she teaches them to ride.

Our Fremont horse riding lessons take place in a very large arena, which is surrounded by horses on all sides as well as the beautiful Fremont mountains. Hundred-year-old oak trees dot the landscape. Beginners start with the basics, learning to groom and saddle their horse. At Bear Creek, we don’t believe in handing a student a saddled horse, as there is as much to be learned about horses from the ground as well as in the saddle.

Students generally progress quickly, learning new skills during every lesson. Students can progress as far as they want, no matter what their goals. Do you want to learn to jump and take a horse to a local show? We can help get you there. Is your goal to just get comfortable on a horse so that you can spend a week at a dude ranch? We can do that too!!

Because we believe that it is fun to get away from the stable sometimes, we go to local horse shows and local three-day events. We also regularly take our horses to the beach which is definitely our most popular activity!!

Whether you are a beginner who has never touched a horse before or an advanced rider looking to brush up your horseback riding skills, we have the horses and the instructor to meet your needs and goals!!  Contact us via email or call Bear Creek Stables at 408-872-8238 for dates and availability for Fremont horse riding lessons.

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We cater to all ages with kids camps to solo horse leasing.

Bear Creek Stables is a historic ranch with over 100 years of use.

We are in a prime location to offer riding to Bay Area residents.

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Located in the Los Gatos hills, Bear Creek Stables provides a family-friendly environment for boarding your horse. A working stable since the 1930s, Bear Creek offers paddocks and pasture facilities. We have one large arena, a smaller arena, a round pen, and extensive trails.

Situated in the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, Bear Creek Stables gives riders access to miles of scenic trails through oak and redwood forests.