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How to Ride a Horse If You Never Rode Before

Are you considering horseback riding in San Jose for the first time? Sometimes, the fear of not knowing what to do is enough to keep horse enthusiasts from scheduling that first lesson or event. As such, many children, teens, and adults have dreamed of riding a horse for years before they finally get the chance to saddle up.

Fortunately, even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you can ride safely with the help of an experienced instructor or trainer. Riding a horse takes patience, skill, and dedication. However, even new beginners discover that they can learn to ride on their first day at Bear Creek Stables.

Tips for Riding a Horse

While you won’t be able to ride properly after just one lesson, you may find that you are more comfortable around horses with your instructor’s guidance. If you want to make the most out of your horseback riding lessons, there are some tips you can take before you even start.

  • Wear the right horseback riding clothes– you don’t need to buy fancy riding clothes. However, you shouldn’t show up to ride in flip-flops or shorts. Long pants and proper, sturdy footwear are essential to riding. Ideally, a low-heeled boot will help your feet stay in the stirrups while riding. Additionally, limit any accessories you wear. Scarves, jewelry, and backpacks are not recommended. And always wear a helmet when riding.
  • Learn to greet a horse properly and safely – horses are large and should be treated with care and respect. It is important to establish a good relationship with your horse from the start. To greet your horse, extend your arm out, and let the horse smell the back of your hand. Wait patiently until he touches the back of your hand with his nose. Never approach a horse aggressively or quickly.
  • Learn to mount a horse properly – horses pick up on the emotions of their riders. If you are scared and nervous, your horse will likely become nervous as well. Your instructor will help you learn to mount your horse safely. To do so, place your foot into the stirrup and hold both reins firmly. Propel yourself up and place your opposite foot in the empty stirrup. Learning to mount can take a little time, but remain patient and calm as you are learning.
  • Learn how to sit in the saddle – once you’re sitting comfortably in the saddle, it is important to sit up straight and tall. Relax your back and hold the reins gently. Try to hold your balance as much as you can. This will help distribute your weight more evenly for the horse, and it will make you feel more in control.
  • Look where you want to go – always keep your eyes on the path you want your horse to take. Obstacles on the trail are easier to avoid when you’re paying close attention to the trail and not the beautiful scenery around you.

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