Trainer helping a young kid on a horse

Safety Tips for Kids Starting Horseback Riding Lessons

There are a lot of concerns that parents might have when it comes to enrolling their children in horseback riding lessons. Which stable fits best for the family’s needs, the costs and other factors might come to mind. One of the top concerns regards safety. Horse education might come naturally to parents who grew up riding. If your family is new to horseback riding, you should understand some basic safety tips.

Three Important Safety Steps for Children Starting Horseback Riding

  1. Wear appropriate clothing. The essential safety gear for children starting horseback riding includes proper footwear (shoes with hard toes and a heel or boots), and a certified and properly fitted helmet. When starting, safety or breakaway stirrups are suggested, as well as a safety vest.
  2. Approach and lead cautiously. Horses are unable to see directly behind them or in front of their noses. Your child should approach the horse from the side or pet his shoulder first. Make sure your child is always using a lead tope attached to the horse’s halter while leading, instead of holding on to the halter itself. In order to prevent being dragged or pulled over, inform them to not wrap a lead rope or any other kind of line attached to a horse around any part of their body.
  3. Never help a horse who is panicking. If your child’s horse is in trouble and thrashing about, it is best to wait until he calms down and remains still before you try to help him. Some of the gentlest horses can become dangerous if they are threatened, hurt or scared, so it’s safest to wait to untie or untangle a horse who is in a panicked state.

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